Trend alert: skorts

Don't look so confused, lol, skorts are often from the word skirt and shorts, yeses and the trend is back, but better this time, these are Zara inspired skorts and different ways to rock them, will update this post with more pictures
This trend is making a definite comeback, ladies will you rock Em?

My pending turban tutorial

So I have been dying to teach you these turban tutorials but uploading the video is really hard, I have done the tutorials, am just hoping I'll be able to upload them tonight
So hopefully, it'll be here soon

Chic office attires

Hi guys, this was supposed to be Monday's post, so am going to put up flexible chic outfits which can be worn to the office and ormal occasions, 
Pick your look

Hi guys

So am having very serious issues uploading post, because my wireless router has been disconnected and the new one I am using is too slow, so bear with me, I'll resolve the issue real soon. Stay blessed

Blinged and sequined gele

Hey divas
So blinged and sequined gele have been trending for some time now and they are really awesome, here are some beautiful ladies rocking the trend
Would you rock this trend?

Aso ebi bella on bella naija

So I discovered aso ebi bella on bella naija two days ago, and it hosts loads of beautiful aso ebi styles, I fell in love instantly, though I do not rock Ankara regularly, these pictures are finger lickin gewd!
Pick your fave
Pick your fave look
To be featured I guess you have to tag them on Instagram #AsoEbiBella so, pick your look

Trend alert; sporty

The sporty trend is a really cool look, you could play laid back, and you could go all out sexy.... 

So would you rock? Yay or nay?
And who knows where I can get these pieces because it's a yay for me!!!!!

Are rings Important

So I was listening to a program on the radio and they were debating about the relevance of rings, in a committed relationship, either engagement or marriage, and surprisingly, a lot if people thought rings were an unnecessary accessory. They felt it was useless to wear a ring as a sign of love or commitment, and that most men wore them to please their wives and vice versa, I beg to differ, but I'd like to hear your opinion

What do you think? Are rings important? 

Make up inspirations

Here are some DIY make up inspirations you might like, 

I tried this one out, lol didn't quite get it buh I tried na
 It came out looking smokey, try your and tag me

 Am trying this next lol
Dare to try? 

Best pick up lines for guys and girls

If you notice I stay away from writing lengthy articles, but I kinda enjoyed this one, enjoy!!

You've definitely been here before. While enjoying a relaxed evening with your friends or maybe while at a party, you are suddenly approached by a funny looking guy that makes a silly comment about how you look or worse.

While you might still be cringing at the very thought of it, you probably know that meeting new guys - or gals, for that matter, if you're a man - doesn't necessarily have to go through the "bad pick up line" awkward phase.

So, whether you're a guy looking to find new ways to impress girls, or a gal willing to test the waters, here are some of the best pick up lines ever you may try or interpret to your own liking, so that they fit your personality.

Best Pick Up Lines for Guys

You probably know by now that there are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to picking up women. A pick up line that works like a charm for a type of gal might get you a slap in the face from another.

But if you want to make sure your chances stand high, you may want to take a look at the following choices, listed as some of the best pick up lines ever.

Woman Flirting With Man At Party

And remember: whatever you say, it should sound natural, not phony. And if you gathered up the courage to approach that gal, well, then make sure you are full of confidence all the way (even if that means covering your shaky legs and hands!).

And let's not forget about cheesy: gals dig that, even if they state the contrary. Just as long as it is the right kind of cheesy - and definitely not the creepy, sick kind!

Last but not least, an almost sure way to get a girl to give you a chance is to make her laugh. So play the funny card - if your pick up line is witty enough, you stand a good chance of taking her on a first date.

- Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by once more?

- Do you have sore feet from running through my dreams all night long?

- Damn it, my phone is broken. It doesn't have your phone number in it!

- I lost my phone number, can I have yours?

- I think you look a lot like someone. Like my next girlfriend, that is.

- People call me X, but you may call me Tonight.

- Would you go to bed with a stranger? No? Then hello, my name is...

- I'm not a photographer, but I can definitely picture us together.

- Are you going to give me a kiss or do I have to make that part up?

Flirting In Paris

Do you think the best pick up lines are still a bit far-fetched? Then play the simplicity and honesty card and go for pick up lines of the sort:
- I think you are beautiful.
- Do you want to go out for a drink?
- Do you want to dance?

Best Pick Up Lines for Girls

More often than not, girls wait for guys to make the first move. But that sometimes can lead you nowhere. So, if you lay eyes on a hot guy that you won't see again unless you do something about it, take the bull by the horns and approach him!

The best pick up lines should make you feel comfortable saying them out loud (if you cringe at the thought of saying them, you'd better drop it and go for something else) and make the other person - the hot guy, that is - at least smile.

Of course, if you're a self confident, powerful gal, you may try bold pick up lines - just as long you're sure they won't intimidate your 'target'.

First Date

So, if you lack inspiration, here are some of the best pick up lines you could go for:

- Are you good at maths? If so, could you replace my X without asking Y?

- I'm not tipsy, I'm just intoxicated by you.

- Do you see my friend over there? She wants to know if you think I'm cute.

- If I'd say you're cute/hot, would you hold it against me?

Under the best pick up lines label could also go some more natural icebreakers, such as "Do you come here often?" or maybe even a more daring "Do you care to buy me a drink?".

Whatever pick up lines you go for, try to avoid going to extremes - unless all that you want is a one night stand. Sometimes, all you have to do is be yourself, put on your gorgeous smile, make eye contact and let things follow their natural course.

So ladies and gents which is your fave pick up line