Daily dose of style; PINAFORES

Those looking for pinafores to wear this season will be spoilt for choice. The pinafore, more affectionately called the pinny, is a fun option for the spring and summer months. Pinafores follow on from the dungaree and jumpsuit trends, but their dress-like shape makes them much easier to wear. The following are a few playful pinafores to wear this 
One of the most versatile pinafores to wear is the classic denim one. This indigo denim pinafore from Topshop would make a great addition to most wardrobes. The indigo denim looks smart and polished, and it’s a style of pinafore that could be mixed and matched with a number of items. Team it with a striped t-shirt and tan sandals for a casual everyday look and throw in some colourful accessories for a playful twist.

This pinafore comes in a bold leopard print pattern. It’s from ASOS’s Africa range which means that it has been sustainably handmade in Africa. The pinafore has a slouchy design with a scoop neck and back and twin side pockets. This style of pinafore can be worn with or without a shirt underneath but to get that pinafore effect try teaming it with a basic t-shirt.

This silky pinafore dress by Oh My Love comes in a pretty pale blue shade. It has a darted bodice and demure midi length pencil skirt. Play up your feminine side and pair this pinafore dress with a tailored blazer and dressy heels.

The denim pinafore is a firm favourite for spring and summer. This Topshop number comes in a bleach denim wash and features an on-trend daisy print. It’s the kind of pinafore that’s perfect for wearing to summer music festivals. Just add a tank or crop top underneath, pop on some trainers/boots/wellies, and you’re good to go.

Even high fashion brands are on board the pinafore wagon. This blue denim pinafore is from the Victoria Beckham Denim range. It has a boxy cut which is great for working a casual daytime look. Try working a preppy vintage angle by popping on a Peter Pan collared top underneath and adding a pair brogue shoes.

This checked pinafore is from ASOS’s Reclaimed Vintage line which features reshaped deadstock pieces. This pinafore has a classic bib front with twin patch pockets and a racerback design. Try teaming it with a white t-shirt, denim jacket, and canvas trainers for a relaxed everyday look.

Leather look pinafores are usually quite edgy but this Dahlia number has quite a feminine feel to it. It features scallop edge detailing and has a fit and flare shape. Play up your girly side and wear a sheer or silky blouse underneath, with bow shoes, and dainty jewels.

This ASOS pinafore features a psychedelic optic print. It has a classic bib style pinafore with cross over straps and a fitted skirt. Work a funky daytime look and team it with a plain fitted t-shirt, retro sneakers, and leather look cap.

This pinafore from ASOS features an interesting envelope hem. It comes in a dark denim design which could easily be dressed up for a more polished take on the trend. Wear it with a collared blouse and patent shoes for a preppy daytime look. 

While they may be a throwback to your childhood, this season’s pinafores are all grown up. Are you a fan of the pinafore? What kind of outfits would you put together from the pinafores in this list? 

Source; all women's talk

Saturday fashion; how to inconspicuously repeat your outfits

Finding ways to repeat your favourite outfits without anybody realising can be tricky. However, there’s no point in shelving an outfit for months before its next outing for fear of being branded an outfit repeater. While there’s a general stigma around outfit repeating, sometimes you just love a piece of clothing or outfit so much that you have to show it off every chance you get! While I’d stop short of wearing the same thing multiple days in a row, there are plenty of ways to repeat your favourite outfits without raising eyebrows. 


When looking at ways to repeat your favourite outfits, it’s much easier to repeat a plainer outfit than one that features bold prints and patterns. People will remember an eye catching print, but solid colours and basic designs will give you much more room to move. Wardrobe staples and basic accessories can be repeated as long as you style them differently each time.


Outfit repeating can be a game of distraction. That is, drawing attention away from your clothing and onto your fabulous accessories. Trend-based accessories can be picked up at a range of affordable fashion stores and are a great way of updating an outfit. For example you could add a colourful side bag and sporty cap to work an athletic look or glam up your outfit up with a bejewelled necklace and compact clutch.


Recycling an outfit can be as simple as popping on a jacket or coat. It might not sound like much, but it can hide the fact that you’re wearing an outfit that others might have seen before. A smart blazer can give an outfit a polished feel, while a bomber jacket can be a more youthful and on-trend touch.


Make the most out of your wardrobe by getting creating with your layers. For example, a favourite dress can be turned into a ‘skirt’ by wearing a cropped t-shirt or sweater over the top. You could also try transforming a short shift dress into a tunic by wearing some leather-look pants or skinny jeans underneath.


Make an outfit seem totally different with the help of an easy DIY project. Make a skirt appear shorter by temporarily tucking in and securing the hem, jazz up a pair of shoes with stick on bow details, or smarten up a shirt with a detachable collar. The only real limit is your creativity!


Changing things like your hair and makeup can make all the difference when it comes to altering the overall look of an outfit. If you usually wear your hair and makeup in a certain way with your favourite outfit, opt for a totally different look if you’re going to repeat it.


When all else fails, if you’re going to repeat an outfit from head-to-toe, save it for crowds who haven’t seen it before. That way you won’t run the risk of someone pointing out that they’ve seen you in the same outfit before. The only way you’ll get caught out is if there’s photographic evidence of you wearing the exact same outfit to multiple events! 

When it comes to outfit repeating, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. These are just a few tips to make the fact that you’re repeating an outfit a little less obvious. What are your tips for repeating and recycling your favourite outfits? 

Ways to incorporate your party dresses into your daily outfits

Have you ever had the problem of wearing party pieces during the day because you think they are not appropriate? Make your favourite party pieces work overtime by incorporating them into your daytime wardrobe. If your social calendar is looking a bit bare, bring out your favourite party dresses and jewels during the day instead. Wearing party pieces during the day can add a bit of glitz and glamour to your everyday outfits. The following are a few popular party pieces and how you can incorporate them into your daytime wardrobe. 


Denim is a workhorse of the daytime wardrobe. Use it to tone down your favourite party pieces from pretty frocks to glamorous skirts and sparkly tops. Wear a distressed denim jacket with a party frock or tuck a chambray shirt into a glitzy skirt to make them look much more daytime appropriate. For sparkly, sheer, or lacy tops, tone them down by wearing them with some casual denim jeans.


Sequins and shimmery metallic fabrics might seem too dressy to wear during the day but the key is to mix them up with contrasting textures. Sheer, shiny, and sequin fabrics can be toned down with cosy knits, casual denim, or tough leather pieces. Try teaming satiny tuxedo trousers with a chunky cable knit sweater or a sheer dress with a beat-up leather jacket for contrast.


Mastering the art of layering will do wonders for increasing the versatility of your wardrobe. Try slipping a cotton t-shirt under a strappy dress or wear a shirt, tied at the waist, over the top of a dress. Getting creative with layers can increase the number of outfit options in your wardrobe and help you get more wear out of your favourite party clothes.


When it comes to your footwear, stick to flat shoes during the day. A pair of brogues can instantly dress down an elegant frock or tuxedo trousers. Ankle boots are also a great option. It’s all about anchoring an elegant daytime look with casual and slightly rugged shoes.


Avoid incorporating too many party pieces into one outfit. Stick to one statement piece or focal point. It could be a sequined skirt, embellished bag, or statement heels. Whatever you choose, make it the main focus of your outfit and keep the rest of your outfit minimal and relaxed.


You can wear your favourite cocktail jewellery during the day. For example, a bejewelled necklace is a great way to jazz up a daytime outfit. Wear one with a collared shirt or sweater for a casual and on-trend look. Alternatively, stack up your favourite bangles and bracelets for a fun ‘arm party’.


If your favourite party pieces tend to err on the more feminine side of things, play this up by mixing them with some menswear touches during the day. A sheer blouse and tailored pants can make for a smart outfit and teaming a party frock with a bomber jacket is one way of dressing it down for the day.


Teaming a dress or skirt with tights can instantly give it a more casual feel. Black opaque varieties are a popular choice but you could also try coloured tights or patterned varieties to mix things up.


If your favourite party pieces are of the designer variety, try working a high-low mix when incorporating them into your everyday looks. Team designer pieces with thrift store finds and chain store buys to really make the most of the high-low effect. 

This should be the most important of all, consider where you are going to, a really short gown worn with flats might still not be apporpriate for some places, but hey, pair your circle midi skirt with one of your cute body con dresses.... Put on some heels and your office ready! 

The key to making your party pieces work during the day is to create a sense of balance with your overall outfit. It’s about getting that mix of glamour and relaxed dressing right. A general rule of thumb is the dressier your party piece is, the more basic and minimal you should keep the rest of your outfit. How would you incorporate your party pieces into your daytime looks? 
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Friday fashion; when in doubt wear RED!!!

Hey guys, yup a post from me is long overdue but network issues n all,... Back to today's post
When in doubt wear red! Well this post is based on a true life story starring ... Me... Lol, well I had all my clothes transferred to my new house, which I later found out was a bad idea, because I had nothing to wear to work when I came visiting during the week. But behold... My red gown was hanging on my wardrobe as I had just wore nit to church that Sunday.... Never wanting to feel dressed down I knew that simple red gown could do the trick, trust me..... Everyone at work complained (trust me that was a good thing) so darlings, do u have an event, you don't know what to mix match, or your just too tired to dress up.... WEAR RED!! Here are a few red dress inspirations to influence your wardrobe choices... 

Not just dresses though, pops of the color red does wonders to your outfit. So ladies red do or red don't? Share your thoughts n opinions


I recently had the pleasure of doing a guest DIY post for the Miranda Kerr KORA Organics website. If you haven’t checked it out already make sure you do – it’s overflowing with lifestyle advice on beauty, fashion, nutrition and exercise. It also has a section on natural therapies which I am all for so check it out.  Random fun fact? Miranda went to the same high school as me in Brisbane for a couple of years (she was a few grades above), and according to one of my first-year university boyfriends, the thought that I could have sat in a chair that she had also sat on in a previous class made me wayyy way wayyy more attractive.

For the DIY, Brooke of The Style Net and I decided that I would recreate this absolutely gorgeous Michael Kors cut out gown Miranda wore to the CDFA awards this year.

(yup, lookin bangin)

As soon as I saw it I knew it was a look I was going to have to try to recreate using my DIY skills. The rib cut outs and front split lent itself perfectly to the re-fashioning of a basic black maxi dress.

You’ll need:

  • A basic black maxi/midi dress in a jersey fabric (I bought mine from a cheap store for less than $10)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • A needle and black thread

How to:
1. Put the dress on and mark where the two round cut outs should go using chalk. A circle about the size of a saucer sitting centred on each of the side seams at the height of your ribs is best. Note that while the Michael Kors dress has a cut out that goes all the way around the back – the one I made was just cut out on the sides and is intact at the back.
2. Cut the circles out.
3. Hem the circles using small stitches
4. One you have hemmed the but outs, pull the circles together in the front to create a gathered and a more triangular shaped cut out. I found this style suited me more and worked better with this soft jersey fabric.

5. For the split, put on the dress and mark where you want the front side split to stop. Cut from the hem to the marked point. Because of the type of jersey the dress I used was made out of I didn’t have to sew the edges of the split but you may want to.
Voila! All done. Now all you have to do is pair it with your favorite gold jewellery and highest of heels and hit the town.

Source: apairandasparediy.com

Ways to enjoy partying without alcohol!

You can’t drink at the party tonight and you now are trying to think of ways to party without alcohol? It can be a bummer to be the designated driver, or to try and have a social life with your friends who pound beers every weekend. However, you are in luck! I have thought of a couple different ways to party without alcohol so you can get through any party. 


One of the best ways to party without alcohol is to dance! Everyone is probably wasted anyway so they obviously won’t care if you are a good dancer or not. Dance with all of the drunk people, especially that hot guy in the corner. Don’t worry, he won’t remember your "sprinkler" move in the morning.


This can actually be extremely entertaining. You get to act like an idiot and just watch how everyone acts ridiculous with you. I know I have friends that say the strangest and do the oddest things when they are intoxicated. Also, since you are sober, you will remember everything that happened and you can make fun of your friends the next day.


Since you are sober, you won’t have to worry about slurring your speech or making a fool of yourself when trying to meet new people. This can also be a good way to get numbers from cute guys because they are more cooperative when intoxicated. Plus you are super sexy and beautiful anyway, why wouldn’t they want to give you their number?


Just because you’re not drinking does not mean that you can’t play games with alcohol involved. Play beer pong with a partner that likes to drink a lot, and whenever the other team gets a cup in on your side, your partner can drink everything. You’d actually be surprised at how many people are willing to drink all of the beer.


If you don’t want to be the only sober one at the party, bring a sober friend. You can both pretend that you are wasted while dancing and making new friends while playing beer pong. You can also both be sure that everyone gets home safely.


Make the drinks for everyone at the party! Some people actually like making the drinks for people. You are the person who controls how intoxicated people get. Don’t know how to make drinks? Make something up, call it jungle juice and give it to everyone at the party. Then let people tell you how great it is. 

It can be hard figuring out what to do at a party if you have to be sober the whole night. Maybe you’re the designated driver, or maybe you’re just not that into drinking. Either way, I hope that these tips help you so you don’t have to be the lame sober girl sitting in the corner waiting to go home. What are some other ways you can party without drinking? 

Sweet ways to rock white this season

Do you know all the best ways to wear white? If not, you might want to brush up: white is set to be one of the hottest trends of 2014. While we might have all embraced the Little White Dress last season, this year will go one step further: it’s not just mini dresses that are getting the all-white treatment; you’ll see it everywhere. White is glamorous and chic, but it’s also a bit daunting. Here’s some great tips on ways to wear white, so you can be sure you’re getting it right. 


Did you see Lily Aldridge’s white silk Rosie Assoulin gown?! While it’s slightly more wedding-y than you’d probably want to wear every day, it’s ideal for the red carpet event that she’s rocking. From the draped sleeves to the fitted waistline and billowing hemline, she looks every inch on trend, and her groomed hair and carefully selected accessories avoid her looking too bridal. She makes a good point: white doesn’t have to equal weddings! You’ll find you enjoy a whole lot more ways to wear white if you embrace that.


Miranda Kerr kept all eyes on her and showed off her fashion credentials at the launch of her ShopStyle collaboration in New York. She wore a high-necked cropped tee teamed with a textured white pencil skirt, showing off her amazing abs. Brushed-to-one-side hair and black shoes ensured that the white did all the talking, and she brightened the whole think up with lashings of orange-red lippie. Gorgeous. White doesn’t have to be boring: play with high fashion looks, too.


Anything that you’d normally wear in black will probably look great in white. Case in point? Selena Gomez’ all-white BCBG Max Azria jumpsuit. With It’s low neckline, wide legs and cut-out sides, it’s every inch glamorous, and Selena brightens it up with gold accessories and red lipstick. A jumpsuit is an amazing way to wear white over your whole body without veering into bridal territory, so if you’re feeling nervous, grab yourself a jumpsuit that you love.


Gothic in white?! Yes. Give white dresses a tough edge by teaming them with gothic violet lipsticks, studded rings, big bangles, black sandals, black clutches…you get the picture. If you need inspiration, check out Jessica Alba in her gorgeous white lace Ralph Lauren dress. The feminine floral design is instantly updated with her black clutch, dark nail varnish and matching lip, and she looks bang on trend.


See-through lace panels and cut-out areas are huge at the moment, but it can be tough to keep your outfit looking prim-and-proper if your skin is on show. Opting for a white version adds some innocence and femininity, which means you’ll get away with a lot more than you would in black! Adelaide Kane rocked the People’s Choice Awards in a lingerie inspired dress with a see through top, bustier and thick white silk skirt. It’s risky and sexy, but feminine too.


Wearing more than one white item? Don’t colour match. A white skirt, textured jumper and sandals is an easy and stylish white look, but don’t feel that they all need to be the same. Subtle differences in shade will make the outfit look more chic, and give you a carefree vibe. Make sure your handbag is a different colour, too. You don’t want too much white!


The absolute best ways to wear white?! Be bold! Sandra Bullock gave the cape trend a try in a gorgeous white dress that made it seem classy and tailored. Joan Smalls opted for a white t-shirt and blazer teamed with white lace trousers. Sophia Copolla regularly wears an oversized white jumper over her little white dresses. White is a great colour, and it’s fresh enough to take on any trend. So be brave, and as long as you don’t look like a runaway bride, give it a go. You’ll be glad you did! 

What are your favorite ways to wear white? Do you find yourself building all-white outfits, or are you sticking to cute white dresses that require very little planning? Everyone from Sandra Bullock to Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are embracing the trend, so it’s time you did too. And don’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite ways to wear white!