Bow tie for the ladies

Bow ties are neckties that are tied symmetrically and in the past were usually worn by men. Now, women have also adopted this style and there are bow ties for ladies! For a cute, feminine look try a loosely-fitted bow with skirts or shorts, while for a classic look pair one with a blazer. When combined with a hat it expresses sophistication and finesse.

Bow ties are very simple accessories that can add elegance to your appearance. They are versatile and you can make different fashion combinations with them. there are endless possibilities when it comes to bows and fashion. If you combine one with a plain outfit you will make a bold statement for sure. You will grab the attention of other people for sure. So, bow ties for ladies? Yes, yes and yes! For me, but what do you say 

Color blocking your make up

 Last year the color blocking  trend took over the world of fashion and beauty,. It made my life so much easier  pairing 2 colors that usually don't go together and get away with it because of the trend. Have you ever thought about Blocking your makeup?Uhmmmm that's a big risk to take  but I think its worth trying. Here are a few pictures that you may or may not like

I love this, I tried this,it worked, would you try
This don't look so good but when done correctly am sure it rocks
Ignore the face paintings look at the eyes and the lips

So ladies The full face is not bad as long as you do it in moderation. These are editorial photos so everything works.
So what do you think of color blocking Make-up edition?  Have you tried any  of these before ? Or maybe want to try ?  any favorite?

Plus Size Style Tips: Choosing Leggings

Leggings are back into fashion, becoming essential for chilly days. Choosing leggings smartly will keep you looking fashionable when you have a plus size figure.

Leggings can be very comfortable and versatile when it comes to styling. If you like leggings don’t be afraid to wear them. It may be true that leggings outline the body, showing each and every contour you have, so if you have a curvier figure, they can be tricky to wear. However, there are some tips women can use to feel trendy and confident wearing plus size leggings.

Plus Size Leggings Style Tips: Fabric

When purchasing plus size leggings you need to pay special attention to the quality and the opaqueness of the fabric. It is important to find leggings that are both durable and affordable, particularly if you wear leggings year-round. According to each season, you will need to be careful with the fabric weight, so wearing plus size leggings made of very thin fabric can have many disadvantages. You might want to go for a more expensive pair of leggings with high quality seams.

Choosing Plus Size Leggings: Size

As it is the case with most of women’s clothing, there is no measurement standard for plus size clothing. This means that you need to pay attention to size charts when selecting a pair of plus size leggings, specifically when purchasing online. Once you receive your order, try them on and walk around the house. If they don’t feel comfortable, they might be small.

What Top for Plus Size Leggings

Wondering what to wear with your leggings? The answer is anything that is not too tight or too short. You can pair with oversized sweaters, dresses, long shirts, tunics – anything that hits at the hip or below is ideal.

Plus-Size Leggings Must: Confidence

Although is not something you can purchase anywhere, confidence may be the best accessory to go with your plus size leggings look. Remember to always stand up straight, hold your chin up high and smile with confidence. It will make you shine and look fabulous.

This tip can also go for slim people, I love to wear leggings but I look out for quality especially,  I do not want my camel's toe in full view of the public. ...... Quality is key

Style finds..... Clover canyon surf shack shorts

Ok so I have been noticing this trend and loving it, this  shorts by clover canyon made by Los Angeles native Rozae Nichols, captures the California spirit with original in-studio graphic designs and fluid, modern silhouettes. Each original print is thoughtfully engineered to enhance the frame of the body and create an inventive and artistic sense of motion.
When worn properly, it's gives u this chic feel, and the pleats are to die for....
The way it angles up at the sides also gives it a sporty feel.....
So ladies would you rock?

    Sling bag trend.... Would you rock?

    Sling bags are a considered as a popular choice for those who need a durable as well as fashionable bags. These trendy sling bags have multiple benefits for those who are looking for something classy as well as unique. Sling bags have to be trendy and fashionable which are designed keeping in mind the latest fashion requirements. Some of the common features like durability and light in weight make them perfect bags for daily usage. Sling bags are an ideal blend of style, function and fashion.

    This kind of stylish backpacks also offers mobility. As compared to larger backpacks, these classy sling bags are easy to carry as they can be hung on the back. These bags have the capacity to hold a lot of luggage. Moreover these are considered more modern and can be used in many ways. College students particularly love to buy casual as well as trendy sling bags because they go well with formal as well as casual attires. 

    Designer sling packs are also known as shoulder bags and one stop backpacks. These smart and classy sling bags can be used for traveling and for shopping. One can accommodate lot of stuff in it as they are quite spacious. Sling backpacks are counted as one of the most popular fashion accessories.

    Me rocking my slng bag, I totally love them


    Well this is a style transition everyone should try, apart from being different, it has a certain glam to it that adds a sprezzatura (check previous post) look to it, sexy, edgy, nonchalant all at the same time

    Would you try the neckerchiefs? Cos I totally dig it

    Trend alert; circle skirt

    The circle trend is a style trend from the 1950's...... I first noticed this trend at the New York fashion week street style, and I found it so chic!! I loved it immediately, the circle skirt is also called a full skirt, it could be short or long and could be worn in a variety of ways, lately they've been worn in midi lengths which could serve as an office wear and also semi formal wear, even casually if u rock it well enough...

    These are different prints of circle skirts you could try

    What do you say ladies, to be or to not be!

    Short hairstyle trends

    Am ithe only one who gets the feeling that there are no more hairstyle options for us ladies apart from the obvious centre part and side part and pony tails, and sm1 called my attention to the short hairstyle trend and am like he'll yeah!  Short hairs also comes in different shapes n styles and I could do a post on it, so here are some short hair inspirations for you
    So what do you think, sticking to long Brazilian mongonolian, Nigerian, South African? Or just going straight up short! Am sure u know where I stand, where do you stand


    Nothing glams up your daily look than accessories, ye ah yeah they say less is more, but we express ourselves with fashion, some say less is more, I say go with the flow, depending on the look your going for, wild, subtle, edgy, chic..... Let your accessories speak for you
    You can never own too much accessories, I mean, there's just no such thing....
    Blessed week ahead y'all

    How to dress an apple shaped body

    So I put up a post on dressing plus size ladies, and since we have different body types . I have decided to put up posts on different body types and today we'll discuss the apple body type

    Apple-shaped women are fuller around the middle. If they gain weight, it shows up around their belly and upper body. They’re usually larger-breasted and their upper arms and shoulders are broader, too. Their legs tend to be thin and their butts tend to be flat.

    As a quick reminder you have an apple body shape when:

    • You have no defined waist
    • Weight tends to form on the stomach
    • Average to large bust size

    Which garments are good for an apple body shape?


    • First of all, since a lot of attention is going to be drawn to the top part of your body, get yourself a good fitting bra.
    • Tops that highlight your body at the slimmest point which is often just underneath your bust. They should have enough space for your belly but not be too wide

    • Buy t-shirts that are ruched in the middle. This will confuse the eye and you can’t tell that there’s a big tummy underneath.
    • Get Tops with a V-neck to break up the size of your chest and create a lean line.

    • Look for tops with a thicker texture that don’t cling so much. Woven tops can be great.
    • Patterns tend to look very good on a apple shape body as they flatter and camouflage.
    • Tops should cover the whole belly area and end just below the hip bone.
    • Shirts look nicest when they are tight just onderneath the boobs and then go out. Also try to get the v shape with your shirts.
    • Choose tailered jackets that have a nice v shape at the top.
    • Having a tie at the waist is great as it highlights the waist and hides the belly.
    • A straight duster coat that ends just above the knee will create a nice long silhouette.
    • Make sure that the jacket fits the shoulder perfectly, so choose the size for your shoulders, not your belly. If you can’t close the jacket, you can always use a scarf to fill the gap if you like.
    • Dresses should have their waistline just below the bust.
    • It’s always good to have some detailing on the tummy area for camouflage.


    • Get trousers that have zippers at the side to avoid adding extra bumps on the front.
    • Trousers should be wide or straight and not cling to tummy or thighs.
    • Also choose jeans that are tailored and wide legged.
    • It’s best to get trousers with some stretch for extra comfort and a good fit.
    • Choose skirts that have their zippers at the side.
    • Make sure that any pleats of skirts start below the belly to avoid adding extra volume.
    • Fron under the belly skirts should hang straight.

    • Apple shaped ladies are super cute!!!