The Best Hairstyles Of 2009

Trends in hair style will always change from year to year. In 2009 there are some hair style trend that was followed by many people, especially the celebrities.

This is a hairstyles question lots of people ask, the problem is hairstyles come and go, they are fads and very often the hairstyles people choose do not tend to fit their faces.

Having said that the most popular hairstyle for 2009 would have to be the choppy, layered, short to long haircut. This hairstyle has been in style for quite a while; it seems to have staying power to say the least.

The bob also seems to be a good trend setter for 2009 hairstyles. Famous celebrities like Katie Holmes (great celebrity hair) use this but you should note that the bob hairstyle works best on straight hair, the bangs should be completely blunt and straight and cut just above the eyebrow.If you have a round face make sure you ask for a bob hairstyle that is longer with side swept bangs, the Bob can be used on long and medium length hair The BOB hairstyle is definitely back.

The other popular hair styles of 2009 are bangs this includes fringed bangs and side bangs- the fringe hairstyle that is curved straight across bangs is also in style.

When it comes to color and hair styles, it is best to stay natural highlights and big standout are best choices. Blond streaks seem to be going out of fashion. Unless of course you use some natural undertone highlight color.

Like I said just because these hair styles tend to be going out does not mean that you can't and should not do them, they may very well suit you and you may make the hair style trendy. Try to set your own style, remember that hair style fads come and go, so you need to select something that fits well with your face and look.

Remember that only few people can pull these kinds of haircuts and hairstyle changes off, so it is best not to go and get a new haircut or new hair style every time a new hair trend or hair style is out.

Always get a hair-style. That actually compliments your face, and that looks good on your and your lifestyle.

If you do so you will always have the right hair cut and hair style even if it's not trendy in 2009.

Other trendy hair styles of 2009 include:
Side bangs with layers in it
A bob or choppy
Fringe bangs
Shorter layers on top leading to longer layers on bottom.
And Side bangs with anything.

What hair style you like?
That's all up to you. Hopefully this article useful to you.
Thanks ...

By : Phie