Urban Style Hair Color Trends 2010

Urban style seems to be a reference point for fashion trends next year, mainly to make up and hair. Expert American hairstyle, Joakim Roos explained that the upcoming 2010, haircuts will focus on the fringe.

"Pony accent to the eye to focus, so automatically, eye makeup will also stand out," said Joakim at the seminar Trends Make Up & Hair 'Urban Techno', some time ago.

In addition to fringe, many pieces will also play a strong and soft textures presented through layering techniques. The model is made possible so they can sepraktis set for any occasion.

"The model's hair next year will have a definite geometric pieces, lots of texture and shape, and there was a touch of avant garde and tribal," explained the man who worked as a Master Pivot Point International Educator is.

Also affect the urban style of hair coloring. According to him, the combination tone light and dark colors will be favored. However, shocking colors like neon green, fuchsia or yellow will only be applied as a highlight in the coloring is very thin and delicate.

While overall, the main color of hair still refer to the dark shades and natural, like dark brown, mauve, mahogany or burgundy.

"Hollywood next year is how we see fashion and culture, and then combine them so that the mix," explains Joakim.