Highlight your Hairstyle with Beautiful Colour

Almost all of us are always on the look out for that 'elixir of youth', that extra something that would give us eternal youthful appearance. Fortunately for all of us, hair highlights are here. Hair color highlights can help you get a totally new, and more importantly, younger look. Remember hair highlighting can be quite a technical job unlike simple hair coloring jobs and are best done in a salon. Techniques such as foil highlights and hair painting are time consuming and therefore hairstyle highlight is something that is best done by a professional. You can also take a photo of someone whose hair color highlights you admire, when you visit the salon. In fact, going through such photos would help you form an 'idea' about what exactly will suit you. There are a few simple tips though that can help you choose the right hair color. It is always preferable that olive toned people go in for darker colors while red shades would look great on those who are pink-toned. For those of you who are yellow toned, orange and yellow based colors are a strict no-no, while other colors are fine.

Different Hair Highlights Techniques

Hair highlights can make you the cynosure of all eyes, if done properly. Remember hair highlights do need more than just a bit of skill. Hair highlights also depend to a large extent on the overall texture and health of your hair. It would also depend on the number of hair highlights that you want. Since there are so many issues involved, it is always best done at the salon.

Successful hair color highlights are done in three ways. One of the techniques involves applying bleach to the strands of hair and then actually wrapping them up in foil. This technique known as 'foiling' and gives good results, since it is done very close to the hair roots. The next technique is hair painting. It can be done both at the salon and at home. You just pick up a brush and apply bleach on to the hair in this method. The third method is quite tedious. In this method you place a plastic cap with a number of small holes on the head. You then pull strands of hair through these holes and then bleach them with the colors of your choice.

Hairstyle Highlighting Ideas

While there are many techniques available, most of the times you may actually run out of ideas when it comes to hairstyle highlights. For instance you may be tearing your hair in despair, confused as to which are the colors that would match your hair in the first place. You can always do with a few handy tips here. If you are someone who is looking for a highlight for dark hair, you should not go 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color when it comes to highlights. You can try out tones of red or a blend of gold and copper, which would look good on you. Similarly brunettes would look great with brown hair highlights. A professional hair stylist may be able to guide you through all these aspects. You can also try browsing through virtual hairstyle websites, where you can get a fair idea as to which are the colors that would suit you.

Hair Color Highlights Trends

Bright colors highlights are the trend this season. Hot reds for instance are in. So too are rose, burgundy and crimson. The secret here is to mix n' match, while keeping it as light and natural as possible. Your head is literally your canvas and make it come alive in all its vibrancy with hair highlights.

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