Arrange Hair Style Tips

If you like the previous kesel and irritated with the hair that is difficult ikalmu and pengin set up dilurusin. Because penginnya have straight hair as hair of the artist and model, you must become of trouble to sort out rambutmu salon to get a look disheveled and disorganized. Many cewe-cewe the willing to pay as much as anything that has straight hair that mesmerize. There are also upset that I must do in order to have a haircut without the glamor of a lot of money. For a women's hair is very important because it is a crown for every woman. But now I need more confused-confused to think how what you have to do to set the loop rambutmu that, because of where I-where the more ngetrend tuh-ngetrendnya is straight hair style Sanchai in Meteor Garden, which is now more ngetrend even the model friz Monice in ala sinetron Agnes Amanda loh.

Model friz ala Agnes Monica, who ngetop better known as New Wave Look, can be applied to the hair short, medium, and long hair. So, for you-you who have short hair need not fear, you can still style the hair with a short lag model without the need to style the hair. Notwithstanding ye-ye is the blonde short, medium, or long akan can still style at will. Nah, I have tips for you I-you, so let rambutmu the style and fun with this new wave. that this new wave model bakalan make you look so different and will add chic and cool, without the need to fuss salon loh.
So, this is the tips:
Short Hair
- Usapkan mouse and gel in all rambutmu evenly, then rambutmu dipilin part-part pilinannya until it is on the scalp.
- Or what does not, you can also make hair ikalnya that a uniform with the curling iron, how the memilinnya part per part. friz impression that a uniform can make you get with acakrambutmu-hand with the fingers.

Go straight hair
- Prepare some pieces of cloth or a towel that is not used anymore.
- Try first rambutmu in the half-dry, not in the wet hair and keringbanget. Then the hair into several sections and lilitkan hair one by one with ribbons or towel that has been prepared before, and do not forget to bind the ends of the cloth or towel is.
- Leave some time until the hair becomes dry, then remove the pieces of cloth or a towel before.

- At the time the hair is still wet, usapkan styling lotion or wax on your hair.
- For the hair into several sections.
- Kepang hair as usual, but not too up to the meeting so the results will be bumpy.
- Leave some time to rambutmu bener-bener dry.
- After rambutmu really dry, then open kepangannya.