Do and Don't Hair Spa

Do not make careless hair spa therapy. So the results in accordance with the expected, it's good you know the things that should be avoided or done before the therapy.

- If your hair is too swell, it is recommended to try the hair spa. Because the spa has excess hair that can make the texture of the hair becomes more smooth the hair to become weak. Select treatments that provide nutrition, so that the hair look healthy and be more easily managed.
- The same applies if your hair are dry. Therapy spa provides hair Feed specifically for the hair to provide moisture. Select a spa with hair vitamins, which makes the hair dry to be more luminous.

- If you have hair that is thin and weak, should be tempted to make a hair spa treatment. Is the melembutkan would be drenched and the fall.
- Spa's hair is also not actually help the problem of hair fall out. Because the hair spa is only effective for the hair is not the root of the hair and scalp. Brace penumbuh tonic and hair (hair tonic) remains the appropriate solution.