Beautiful Hair with the Hair Spa

Hair spa treatment in the more popular ear womanhood. Especially for those who have experienced serious problems with the hair. Now, the hair treatment is enough attractive women Jambi. Ny Silvia (32) of Road Aditiya Warman Thehok Jambi City is one of the women who make the hair a spa treatment on a regular basis since six months ago.

Choosing this treatment because he felt there was something wrong with the hair. "Jujur course, I include penggila hair. Since the model's hair style trends in Japan so this trend, I have about three times straighten hair with the only technique that hair. So, my hair so problematic and need a more specific treatment of krembat. Well, by the salon my subscription, I suggested using a hair spa techniques, "the mother of two sons beber this. Wife of the plantation of oil palm and rubber menuturkan this, other than the broken as the tip of the fork in the hair, broken in pieces and redness, also experience hair kerontokan. So, to restore the health of hair, he suggested using a hair spa treatment that.
"Alhamdullilah, after six months to do hair spa treatment, there is a change in my hair," said the woman is white. Then, when this tiny woman do have a certain hair spa treatment? "If I only once a month according to suggestions stylist," he said.
Irma (32) of The Road Kayo Pingai Talangbanjar Kota Jambi Jambi is a woman who often do hair spa treatment. However, women who are now still honor these teachers do not have a regular schedule. "Everything depends on mood, and condition the hair," the mother of one son beber this.
Sembako the wife of this said, because it always put in a veil kesehariannya activity, therefore it has a fairly serious problem with the hair. "The key is, kerontokan hair," he said. According to him, in general, hair spa treatment does not vary with krembat. This therapy also makes the head feel comfortable and rileks. In addition, after dikrembat hair also feels soft and easily managed.