Harajuku Rebellion Style

Japan is famous for its fashion & hairstyle which are extreme and seduce the youngsters desire. One of most popular hairstyle is Harajuku. What is the Harajuku?

Harajuku is an area in the middle of Tokyo, exactly around Harajuku Station, in Sibuya District, Tokyo. In the beginning of 1990s, it is an important area that connects Tokyo to other sorrounding districts. 1n 1906, The station was opened as an expansion of Yamanote railway. Several years later there were various kind of department stores around the place that led to the existance of fashion centres. This area became famous all over Japan after having been broadcasted through some fashion magazine like Anan and non-no. That time, some group of girls were recognized wandering around Harajuku area. Their fashion immitated the style of fashion models in the Anan and non-no magazine. And until now, group of youngsters wearing extreme styles can be seen in this area. Harajuku becomes icon of fashion style rebellion in Japan.

In the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, most officers generally wear dark coats, dark trousers, white shirts, dark ties, dark suitcases, their hair was well combed, and they walk fast because they do not want to waste time. Students wear uniform determined by school authority. But in Harajuku, there is a rebellion of fashion. The youngsters refuse to wear neat and tidy clothes. Their desire to be creative is expressed through extreme, glamorous fashion and hair style. Not only extreme hair style they perform, but also extreme hair colour like green, purple, red, blue, golden blonde, grey, silver, pink, and ash.

The contrast performance between design, colour, motif, size, and the kind of clothes is the specialty of this fashion style. Harajuku style is divided into several types. Sometimes the style is adapted to the beautifull doll from Japan with white pale skin and nice dressing like the doll displayed in the window. This style is called Lolita. There is also a style called Cosplay (costume play). This style immitates the character of a hero or bandit in the anime or other cartoon movie in Japan. Those style are mostly adopted and promoted by J-Rock personnels. J-Rock is a name of a band from Japan. The assimetrical hair with loud colour is one of their hair style. The assimetrical hair is the hair that is cut unevenly. For example, one part is long but other part is short. Or the length on the left and right side are different.

The fashion style then becomes more famous in many countries. In America, the Harajuku fashion style is getting more famous after a singer from America, Gwen Stefani, created a song that carried the theme of Harajuku fashion entitled 'Harajuku Girls'. In promoting his song, Gwen seemed employing some dancers wearing Harajuku fashion in some of her concert all over the world.