Hair Healthy and growing

It is not easy to prolong the hair and the hair quickly because you need the intensive treatment. Maybe you've tried all ways to regenerate hair much faster, but still you just do not get it. There are several ways you can do it easier for you to get the hair grow long, see below.

The first is the smooth flow of blood in your head. To try to stimulate hair growth expedite the flow of blood in the head so that the supply of nutrients to be more to the hair. Make pemijatan scalp with the tip of your finger-tip every day. Would be better if you do at the time the hair still wet, while shampoo and dry. Before you sleep, try and subjected the hairbrush with soft start and to the ends of the hair root. Or you can do strength exercises of the heart as aerobic and joging. This activity will stimulate the heart to pump blood faster to the entire body so that the nutrients to the root of the hair more quickly.

The second step is to remove the tip of the hair that is damaged. Usually, the tip of the tip of the damaged hair will spread to the hair shaft and causes the hair shaft is broken, if not participate in treatment. So overall the hair can become damaged more quickly, including the new hair grows. To prevent this you should cut your hair every 8 to 10 hours once you try and trim the ends of the hair-tip you. Explain to the stylist that you only want to cut the edge-edge hair in pieces that are broken. Usually stylist will be cut in the dry is very difficult to detect because the tip of the hair that broke out in wet conditions.

Third is the skin of your head to breathe. Because the hair that will be closed to make the oil and dirt accumulate on the root of the hair so that the skin can not breathe. This will make the hair growth become disrupted. In order for hair growth is running well then you should always keep the head clean Wit. If you often sweat or oily hair then you do not have one to do the shampoo every day using a very gentle shampoo according to your type of hair. Keep cleaning device hairdo, especially when the comb because the dirty kotorannya will accumulate on the hair and scalp every time you menyisirnya.

The last is to indulge your hair. You need to know is the long hair is the hair that tends to be older and frail. So you must treat it with very careful to choose gentle shampoo that has a moisturizer womb. If you frequently use a hairdryer, vice and other equipment stylist you should oleskan kondisioner and serim after you shampoo. This serves to protect the hair from the high temperature. Do also with the hair care memasker hair once a week so your hair more healthy. We suggest you also do not too often bind to the hair because it will ease back into the hair broken. Not so difficult just to get healthy hair?