Available Forms of Hair Style Face

Want to style hair with a short snippet of the style of Victoria Beckham or Rihanna? Trends such as the short hair looks really cool, but not necessarily suitable for all forms of face. If you rounded form of the face, such a crop would make the form of the face such as melon.

So that you do not have a hair cut, first learned of your face and find the appropriate crop.

"Not all people have the ideal face shape," said Tommy Buckett, experts hairdo from Kerastase, New York, United States. "When you look in the mirror, recognize your true face shape. This is to help determine the appropriate discount. "

Buckett also become a celebrity stylist, such as the twin Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen and Rachel McAdams explains this, crop the right akan obscure the face such as lack of wide forehead, protruding jaw bones, and so forth.

Rounded face
The form of the face more rounded and have a short tembem cheek. To menyiasatinya, apply discounts layer technique that can cover the rounded cheeks.

"Style snippet that can make the composite cheek looks a little more pointed, so give the illusion more oval face," Buckett said.

Celebrity: Jennifer Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Renée Zellweger

Oval face
The form of the face is quite rounded egg ideal. Almost every coiffure can be applied.

"Oval face can mengaplikasi any hairdo. You only need to menyiasati lack of other such as the forehead wide, "Buckett said.

Celebrity: Beyonce, Kate Winslet, Eva Longoria

Face forms of heart
The owners face berdagu careful taper. While the broad dahinya more. To form the face like this, forget style bob or discount superpendek. Pieces that will make your chin look pakin taper.

Celebrity: Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci, Jenny McCarthy

Square face
The form of the face has a jawbone in the box. The form of the jaw to make the face look more hard.

"Select a snippet with the hair covering the front of the cheek and jaw. That can disguise the jaw so that the box looks more delicate, "Buckett said.

Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Selma Blair

By : Phie