Katie Holmes with Her Short Brown Hair

Who does not know with Katie Holmes, artists who are also famous with the beauty, the hair style. Like Katie's hair style changed.

Katie Holmes is one famous celebrity with beautiful short brown hair. She has always had been considered as the girl-next-door type when it come to looks but when she became the other half of Tom Cruise, she transformed into a glamorous woman who has worn the most beautiful gowns and outfits in all her public appearances. With her new hairstyle, she has proven that she can look fabulous whatever her hair looked like.

Just like Katie Holmes, short brown haired women could always try a classic bob for their haircut and just choose the right twist of clothes that can complement a carefree personality. You could choose sweet looking feminine outfits that would give the impression of being the ?girl next door? as well.

Short brown haired girls can always pear a free flowing peasant shirt with a long skirt for a more innocent look. You can always choose to wear a lace blouse with an old fashioned theme for a more elegant touch. Go for suits instead of common dress pants for office wear. You can also choose pastel colors with black, because it creates a touch of femininity which complements your gorgeous haircut.

Accessories such as chunky dangly earrings past the end of your hair is a best choice for women with short brown hair. Or you can get a pair of small studded stone with a matching choker to give a sense of reserved sensuality.

Short brown hair that is not spiky and not a bob, called for flirty and sexy images. You can just wash this hair and go. Just add some simple diamond studs or hang a gold chain in your neck to add a touch of gentle softness.

For nighttime, short brown haired women can wear just about anything and still look stunningly beautiful. By loving your hair and by being comfortable with what you wear, you would surely be able to be the most stylish you can be, as Katie Holmes did.

By : Phie