Mohawk Hairstyles And Haircuts Still In Styles

Mohawk Hair Cuts are back, once again the heads of Punk Mohawk Girls and Mohawk Boys display fins of extreme color dyes.

Nothing is new; everything is re-hashed in this world's cultures. We've all seen the re-appearance of the bellbottom pants in the 90s. Then those goofy over-sized sunglasses becoming trendy again. Even Dreadlocks have become popular with teens and young adults...
Fashion is one of the most re-hashed aspects of our culture.

Derived from the Native American Mohegan’s tribe, Mohawks started in the 60s, were popular in the 70s and 80s, then went through slight relapse in the 90s. Recent pop-punk/rock/emo bands, like ‘The All American Rejects’, ‘Fall Out Boy’, ‘New Found Glory’ and ‘Good Charlotte’, have been known to use the punk Mohawk hairdo. Teens today maintain respect for the legacy bands of the 60s, 70, and 80s, bringing even more fashion trends out of the past’s attic. Take a look into former impacting music groups like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Ramones or The Sex Pistols and you’ll see not only their effects on rock music, but on modern day fashion. Mohawk spiked and bladed rebel hair is bathing yet another teen generation.

While Mohawk haircuts are still far from formally accepted in society, you can see the social accepted influence in the business world. Bold ‘Mohegan’ teens however are readily labeled as Punks, and tend to be discriminated amongst in most professional worlds. Punks are seen as menaces to the public, extremists, hardcore rebels, the kind of people that you’re afraid to encounter at night, next to the real menaces like gangsters.

Re-hashed, but to some extent this generation’s take on it is drastically different. Technology’s advancements in hair gels and dyes give modern Mohawk hairstyles more potential and creative control. There are many different types of radical Mohawks now that didn’t exist before. Such as the Braidhawk, Crohawk and the Dreadhawk, that put a fanning flair on their 80s predecessors.

Once a trend hits culture, it leaves its mark, however small it maybe. The influence of the Mohawk hairstyle is seen in countless fashion trends throughout the world and web. Fan sites are found scattered here and there, including the Mohawk HairStyle Community at which allows you to upload your latest implementation and attempts, so that other fans can rate it. Question is, how long will it stay around this time?