Selecting Appropriate Model Hair

IN choosing the model's hair up or hair often we "limit themselves" (without realizing) with age. Women who are age 40 in mid generally is no longer dare to appear with a trendy haircut. In fact, no need to hold so rigid at the age of affairs in selecting the haircut. You have a head 4 can still be stylish with the latest model's hair as long as compliance with your personal style. That it is submitted that the designer and observer mode Yenli Bali Wijaya.

Short hair is in back. Many women, both young-old chose this style of hair. This also shows the short hair trend do so the option to look different, in addition to various practical side that can be obtained for women who choose hair styles to support the short appearance.

There are interesting from the stigma Yenli Wiyaya. Women's birth Pupuan 16 June 1969 this would feel and practicality of rapid selection for a woman to choose the short crop.

According to the Bali branch APPMI member and owner of fashion house "Yenli Costume Design", have special tips that should be owned by someone to select a hair short as a supporting appearance.

This one should be so grip, if someone want to change the discount hair. Because the purpose of selecting a cover crop is the lack of appearance of the existing. Danger when the crop would disrupt appearance.

"Characters someone so important to choose the type of crop," said graduate ESMOD Jakarta in 2004 is serious. Still the mother of three children, the characters include: sruktur body fat does not, the form of a slightly oval face, long neck, the type of work, and jaw shape. That matters when someone fundamental choose short hair.


Still according to Champion Favorite Batik Contemporary design is 1988, so the choice is usually someone wearing short hair is practical. Because usually the women who have the type of work that many working in the field, choose this type of hair. In addition to practical, as women usually do not have enough time to berlama long-hair manage them.

In addition, short hair also requires a very simple treatment. Because they do not need to frequently blow-in, or up tough.

Treatment costs are much cheaper, so that it can save you budget. But still able to keep the hair, the hair style can be fixed with only a touch of hairspray or Foam. "This can be done at home, does not need to salon. It is also not necessary every day in the hair-Foam or hairspray. It can only be used for special events appear quite different matter," about a woman who is also active in the Bali International Women's Assosiation.


Have short hair, but still must show fashinable tailored to the age. "Age is determine the choice of short hair that will be selected by someone," said Yenli are currently busy with various events and have a Wedding this seriously.

So if want to choose a short haircut classification.

* Age 20-an

At this age, you are free to choose the hair style you like. Short hair will make you appear so natural. In this age of your new will enter the working world. When you drill a job related to art, you can try a hair style trendy and funky. However, if you're interested in entering the world of work that many fields are interested men, show your style in the sporty short hair.

This age period is best hair. Hair is still growing fast and thick as well. Do not hesitate to prolong the hair and then try another style in the hair short. Fed with natural hair color, color warnai with other, more exciting, such as brunette, blonde or red highlights kecokelatan.

However, choosing a short hair do not model the origin-derived course. One-one even seems like mothers in the year 80-an. Instead, choose the style of the latest fresh.

* Age 30-an

At this age you should choose the clever-clever short haircut is right for you. Because at the time this age is usually close to kemapanan. Peak career also has been running smoothly. Targets for the future is also clear terpampang. Typically, a short haircut that does not fit is too smacking. Model bob, or shagy. Because this period do so in solitary point in a work environment.

Of course you also need to consider ethics in the work environment so that the framework of the hair short so that your selection is not too extreme for the size of your age.

For hair colors, in this age of free, original colors did not like the color rainbow.

* Age 40-an

This mature age. Any choice of hair trends you should get extra attention. This age show your maturity level. Both the career maturity, and level of thinking, be, also bertingkal behavior. Maturity also have a career here. So the option should be a snippet of hair natural. For example, the styles tend to be feminine, and tidy. Also do not discount the hair too short.