Bob Hairstyle"Mushroom" The More Attractive

Bob hair style fungus or never cracked in time to eat. Indeed, this trend disappeared after the hair is in style shaggy hair.

Model bob hair that is cut short, between shoulder and ear, and dilengkungkan mushroom-like crown.

This style of hair populared by Vidal Sassoon hairdresser's, salon and academy which is used as reference for the stylist from all over the world.

Variations bob hair style is diverse, of course, depends on the development of creativity of the stylist. Such as variations in the background digunting short, but the front is too long.

Now is a great demand model bob volume. Usually be curled to the back of the large, but the side and front and straight bangs that short.

Indeed, only those who are truly high fashion that the style of Harajuku style to apply this on their hair.

Model bob the tune is now more stylish bob weight without dilution effect or shaggy. For which you have activity in the office work is solid, it's application classic bob haircut is rounded on the back, the front of the variations can be long or longer with the same background.

Bob hair style that can not be applied to all types of hair or face shape. Bob hair style is perfect for oval face shape.

When chubby little cheek bones, you can choose variations of cutting length in front.

While the face of pointed triangle should bob or the volume, the front a bit more sparse.

All types of hair style should be tailored to the form of a face and hair texture. Type of hair that is suitable for a snippet of hair bob is a thick strand of hair or coarse. Because if the hair smooth and thin so they hover. Bob a good model should resemble the form of a mushroom.

So that the effect of the fungus attached, should not color the hair with a bright color or highlight.

By : Phie