Mohawk, Newest Rihanna's Hairstyle

Do you know about rihana?
Smart in the singing, the stage action, or the appearance of strange?

R & B Singer Rihanna's style changed again with short cut hair mohawk style. With the newest, guaranteed former paramour Chris Brown will become a trendsetter of the Conference her fans.

As dilansir People, Tuesday (21/7/2009), pelantun "Umbrella" this appears to successfully create the sensation of extraordinary newest crop. Known performers such as the origin of Barbados has always selectively choose to model clothes that fit crop and match the character.

For the first time, he set out on the newest crop Manhattan, a few days ago. At the time, RiRi, call akrabnya, appear trendy hair to comb the top and leaving the hair underneath as 2 centimeters.

Appearance RiRi equipped with sunglasses, rings, earrings and looks very unusual. In fact, he appears confident when walking in front of the camera's attention and pengemarnya bar who want to immortalize the moment.

To note, coiffure Rihanna is always changing. Not simply want to look healthy, but there are stories behind sepenggal crop Rihanna.

In 2003, the singer Rihanna is a newcomer on the international music belantika. At that time, he appears with long wavy hair. In the midst of success, he suddenly change the framework of the model with hair short bob.

Decision is not cut hair is not baseless, as they do protest action against companies that have been recorded melejitkan name.

Star this beautiful state that at the beginning of his career, ranging from berbusana style, and attitude to order the hair is set by the company, to cause a false image in front of the public. In fact he wanted to reveal the real identity.

Companies with stifling regulation, RiRi not stay silent. He also began to cut hair and up to now always switch coiffure.

By : Phie