Most Iconic Hairstyles in Hollywood

Farrah Fawcett appears only one season in the series Charlie's Angels. Pirangnya smile and hair that falls to the bumpy melejit beautiful remote than serial cardboard producer Aaron Spelling is. Poster image of Fawcett swimsuit poster merahnya become mandatory in the wall of a room like this. Poster is sold to 12 million pieces worldwide, making it the most in demand posters throughout history!

"I have become so popular before without having any accomplishment," said Fawcett in the daily The New York Times in 1986. "I'm not studied drama in school. I's art department. Suddenly, while syuting Charlie's Angels, I got so much fan mail. Enggak I know what the reason, and I think other people are not."

Jose Eber, hairstylist who created the "Farrah Fawcett Hair" (the women in the world call), said, Fawcett was the most beautiful hair that can be owned by someone. "His hair has its own virginity," said Eber. "For me the women's hair up, you rarely see someone with hair so perfect. And all that natural."

Farrah Fawcett, but not the only Hollywood actress to be a hair icon. Appropriate time, there are some other figures that make the women crowd the berbondong-salon hair model to emulate.

Jennifer Aniston. "The Rachel Hair," as fans call the model's hair Rachel Green, who appears in the second season series Friends (1995). CNN even had to make a special report on Rachel's hair in August 1995. "What Rachel's hair? Wait in line," so provokasinya. Haircut short ber-layer is reputedly still popular in-salon to salon for many years thereafter, although Aniston already own many times to change order hair. Up to now the model of Aniston's hair looks light, billowy, and easy to penataannya, is still often discussed.

Victoria Beckham. This is he, The Queen of the Modern Bob. Bob hair have a lot of its name: the disconnected bob, bob or nungging, but the stylist in the salon-salon in the world surely know what you want the women who request it. This model provides a lot of hair on the back of the layer, with the left side is longer. Bob is a short version on the left, and long on the right, many women also Conference.

Demi Moore. Because of the film Ghost dibintanginya in 1990, the women immediately cut short hair. Actually this does not require hair-cutting techniques that make them special privileges. For the face that looks much younger with the hair that makes the women want it. Try, who does not participate in making "Hair Demi Moore" at that time?

Nicole Richie. First daughter singer Lionel Richie urakan this style, with long hair is styled and dicat markets. But he do Makeover on the overall appearance with the help of stylist Rachel Zoe. Not only is her body weight had fallen dramatically, with styled hair is more classy. Bob hair sebahu made, with the outside, menyibakkan poninya the fall so perfect.

Miley Cyrus. Did you know how many girls in the ABG model wearing long curly hair is not uniform at this time? Miley Cyrus is pencetusnya. Hair looks like this will be pretty thick if the owner's hair.

Gisele Bundchen. Dark brown hair that long, stream with graceful when he step long feet in the catwalk. Hair with a "killer waves" this Conference many hair care products and make a model that is now middle of this pregnancy as her duty.

By : Phie